Dr. Meryl Nass Compares Maine Medical Board Hearings on Her Suspension to a ‘Kangaroo Court’

“The board suspended Nass, a scientific advisory board member of Children’s Health Defense (CHD), on Jan. 12 without a hearing, on accusations of “unprofessional” and “disruptive” behavior, spreading “misinformation” and prescribing hydroxychloroquine and a “deworming medication” (ivermectin) to patients. The accusations of “misinformation” against Nass — an outspoken critic of government COVID-19 policies and restrictions — were withdrawn Sept. 26, just prior to her first hearing, held on Oct. 11. With no patient complaints against Nass, the board is now resting its prosecution on the prescribing of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and on the alleged record-keeping issues, which Nass said are well within the standard of care.

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