Rishi Sunak Plans to Introduce Official Digital Currency to Rival Cash in ‘Biggest Upheaval in the Monetary System for Centuries’


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One thought on “Rishi Sunak Plans to Introduce Official Digital Currency to Rival Cash in ‘Biggest Upheaval in the Monetary System for Centuries’

  1. Klaus must be laughing himself sick that he has fully “penetrated” yet another nation. (I can think of a far more blunt and accurate term than “penetrated.”) How is it that every major British colony (Canada, Australia and New Zealand) has gone full-throttle nazi and authoritarian in the past 2 1/2 years? And now Britain itself? Is it something in the water? No, it can’t be that. The intercontinental water systems aren’t identical. What is the same? Oh, the English language. Is there something in the English language that predisposes “leaders” who speak it to be murderous, totalitarian, war-mongering schemers and slave masters? Are there secret triggers in the English language that hypnotize citizens who speak it to willingly sleepwalk into and embrace their own slavery? Is the English language a slow-acting virus that hacks and destroys minds? Is it a mental nano-bot that is activated by 5G frequencies, synthetic parasites and spike proteins to do its evil work of inducing mass, psychotic submission and surrender? Is the rapid spread of the Spanish language throughout the United States actually a gift from God, intended to repel the tyranny drug embedded in the English language and to preserve our liberty? Maybe our best hope is to immediately stop speaking English. To completely wipe our minds of it, so that it is totally unintelligible. While at the same time mandating that the mainstream media and our “leaders” exclusively report in, write and speak it. So that everything they say and write is nothing but meaningless gibberish to us. To prevent them from hacking our minds. With the stakes being so high, it might be worth a try. Imagine the liberation of a world without the now thoroughly corrupted and weaponized English language. Imagine if Rishi Sunak were just flapping his jaws, and no one understood or gave a damn about a word he was saying. It’s beyond time to flip the bird at Schwab, Harari and the “penetraitors.” Become unhackable.

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