US Citizens Were Given Secret Covid “Decree Violation” Scores

“PredictWise, a voter analytics firm, is proud to have harvested location data from tens of millions of Americans through their cellphones during the initial lockdown months of 2020, taking this data to then assign ( a “COVID-19 decree violation” score to the people associated with the phones, according ( to the firm’s own white paper. These “decree violation” scores were calculated by analyzing nearly two billion GPS pings to get “real-time, ultra-granular locations patterns.” People who were “on the go more often than their neighbors” were given a high COVID-19 decree violation score, while those who mostly or always stayed at home were given a low score. PredictWise used this highly sensitive location data to monitor how millions of Americans complied with unscientific decrees. It also combined that data with follow-up surveys to assign “COVID concern” scores to the people who were being surveilled and studied.”

Source: @COVID19Up Telegram

Original article can be found here.

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