COVID Data Fraud: “There Is a Zero Percent Chance That We Are Wrong”

CHD CA Co-Founder Alix Mayer interviews Dr. Henry Ealy and his team on the COVID data disaster. “There is zero chance we are wrong” said Keith Welkins, a member of Dr. Ealy’s team who used to be a fraud investigator for law firms and insurance companies.”

Keith Welkins: “There’s not a chance in the world that this work is anything other than what we’re saying it is. And so, from the Medicaid and Medicare data to the NVSS diagnostic memos to the PCR test and the impact of cycle thresholds, these people, this criminal enterprise, was literally able to manufacture an entire pandemic out of a chimeric virus that has 40,000 U.S. patent filings tied to it. And they just cooked up a bunch of data and sold the whole thing.”

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