Inferring Covid Vaccine Deaths from the Social Security Death File

-January 2020 to January 2021 (vaccine rollout): A 30% year-over-year increase in deaths.

-September 2020 to September 2021 (vaccine mandates): A 31% increase in deaths.

Attorney Tom Renz: “The two biggest spikes in deaths that we’ve seen both dwarf the initial spike that we saw when COVID originally hit, and those two spikes occurred in conjunction with the release of the jab or the mandate of the jab. They didn’t have anything to do with COVID.”

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One thought on “Inferring Covid Vaccine Deaths from the Social Security Death File

  1. At this point, could it possibly be any more obvious? This is the exact plan: murder the beneficiaries. Why? Because Social Security, like every other entitlement program, is bankrupt. A dead beneficiary is a quiet, non-uppity beneficiary. Unlike the living beneficiaries who find out that they are not going to get their promised benefits. This is called advanced Crowd Control. Despite the huge death wave, the government just ordered 100+ million new injections, which are going to be injected during their upcoming, highly advertised and propagandized fall, 2022 injection campaign. The new injections have never been tested on any living thing, animal or human. We are to believe that they are “The Science [TM],” and we have all been lectured that we must trust “The Science [TM].” Otherwise, we are dissident deplorables. The government is well aware that excess mortality has surged. But they neither investigate it nor say anything about it. All they do is push more injections on the people. How is it that they say they are very concerned about potential Covid deaths, but couldn’t care less about actual, massive injection deaths and serious medical injuries? There is only one possible explanation: this is a deliberate mass murder campaign. If it weren’t, they would stop killing people. But they’re not doing that. They’re killing more people every day. And they are actually ramping up for a fall murder spree facilitated by a mystery poison no one other than Big Pharma knows anything about. It’s all a big State secret. Because democide is the private preserve and prerogative of government exterminators.

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