New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science

“Our group formed around an open letter to the New Zealand Government that expressed our concerns about the Pfizer Comirnaty Covid-19 injection, as well as the implication from our regulatory bodies that we would be considered incompetent in our duties if we provided fully informed consent about this procedure. NZDSOS is now made up of Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists and Vets.  We have formed alliances with other groups both locally and internationally.

April 2021 seems a lifetime ago with our wonderful country on the brink of being divided. In the wars of the past, communities came together for a common cause. Now it appears that we are being divided by a common cause, that of keeping healthy.  While science is never certain (once it becomes certain it changes into belief), we can say with confidence that:

  • Covid-19 is a mild disease for the majority of people.
  • Covid-19 is usually easily treatable especially in the early stages.
  • The Pfizer Comirnaty injection does not stop the transmission of the disease and probably does not offer meaningful protection against Covid-19.  Why then the division of our society?
  • Many have suffered, often life-changing, adverse effects to this unnecessary medical procedure.
  • Masks and lock-downs do way more harm than good.
  • Anyone who dares to question the narrative, is immediately censured.”

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Mark Skidmore is Professor of Economics at Michigan State University where he holds the Morris Chair in State and Local Government Finance and Policy. His research focuses on topics in public finance, regional economics, and the economics of natural disasters. Mark created the Lighthouse Economics website and blog to share economic research and information relevant for navigating tumultuous times.

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