Pfizer, Alnylam and BMS Take Note: the U.S. Is Poised to See ‘a Staggering Number’ of Cardiomyopathy Cases This Decade

“There’s a new blockbuster heart disease market in town—and it’s set to explode in size. As Pfizer, Bristol Myers Squibb and Alnylam are already fighting for their share of prescriptions, a new report finds they’ll have millions more patients to treat in the coming years. That disease is cardiomyopathy, an umbrella term covering a series of problems with the heart muscle, where the walls of the heart chambers have become stretched, thickened or stiff. Analysts at GlobalData crunched the numbers and found that by 2031, cases of cardiomyopathy will balloon to 7 million around the world, but most of the growth will come from the U.S. Some 2.3 million cases are expected in the States by that date. Why so much growth in the U.S.? Risk factors for the disease range from family history to diabetes, alcohol consumption, obesity and high blood pressure. The U.S. has relatively high rates of drinking and obesity, and low exercise levels, Global Data said. (and of course it has absolutely nothing to do with the Covid-19 injections)

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