Jimmy Dore Comments on Bill Gates

Gates admits that Covid-19 affected mainly the elderly, that it wasn’t all that deadly. (worth the 2 minutes)

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One thought on “Jimmy Dore Comments on Bill Gates

  1. Billy Gates (William Gates III) is a TOTAL POS. A dear person was a partner in the Gates law firm and told me stories about “The Kid” from the time Billy was about 14. Billy was a mama’s boy – he was filthy. His hairdresser would see him every six weeks and swore he never washed his hair between appts. She always wore rubber gloves when working on his hair. Attended a formal wedding and the Gates were there. Billy wore the tux with high top tennis shoes, was obviously filthy and greasy and his father was LIVID. Billy did not graduate from Lakeside. Mama bought an entire computer lab for Lakeside and Billy received a diploma. Billy would cruise the lunch room at MicroSoft looking for his next blow job. Billy is a fraud.

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