What Happened to the NY Times – Former Bastion of Investigative Journalism? (Kathy Dopp)

“The NY Times latest May 16, 2022 Covid article: How Australia Saved Thousands of Lives While Covid Killed a Million Americans is a prime example of misleading and false claims.

The NY Times attributes Australia’s Covid death rate being one-tenth of America’s to:

Australia restricted travel and personal interaction until vaccinations were widely available, then maximized vaccine uptake” … trust, in science and institutions … change their behavior for the common good to combat Covid, by reducing their movements, wearing masks and getting vaccinated. … Australians who all lined up to get tested, who wore masks without question” like Australia did, then “900,000 [US] lives would have been saved … Australia’s case numbers soaring, but with most of the population inoculated, deaths are ticking up more slowly 

Here is a list of *some* facts the NY Times neglected to mention.” (click below to read an excellent summary)

What happened to the NY Times – Former Bastion of Investigative Journalism? | Scientific and Medical Research, Data, & Reports Compiled by K.Dopp, MS Mathematics (kathydopp.info)

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