Survey Shows Over 500,000 Killed by the COVID Vaccines so Far

I think the approach used by Steve Kirsch is a relatively simple way to get a “ballpark” estimate of fatalities that we all can potentially use. The CDC still asserts that there are nine fatalities from the Covid vaccines. This evidence along with so much more, including Pfizer’s own documents (which they tried to keep hidden for 75 years) and my own work clearly shows that this isn’t true. And without a doubt officials at the CDC know it.

The troubling question that leads us down the rabbit hole is why these “vaccines” are still being administered. WHY?

Survey shows over 500,000 killed by the COVID vaccines so far (

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2 thoughts on “Survey Shows Over 500,000 Killed by the COVID Vaccines so Far

  1. Yes, the endlessly haunting “Why?” Why are they doing this to us? Why is this happening?

    Despite the impressive advancements of psychology over the past many decades into the deep realms of severe mental sickness, the discipline remains absolutely clueless about Evil. The “third rail” of human comprehension. No one wants to touch it, because it powers too close to everything our society has become.

    Of what possible value to the State, not to mention the Deep State are elderly people who consume benefits such as Social Security and Medicare while contributing less or nothing to the State’s coffers?

    And for that matter, of what possible use to the State is a child, most of whom will now become burdens to the State?

    Every mainstream narrative is a distraction and deflection from what the world powers are truly concerned about.

    The true crisis is not the climate, or Russia, or Baby Formulas or the supply chains, even though these are all legitimate crises that rightfully deserve the people’s time, attention and concern.

    The true, fundamental crisis is the False Promises Crisis.

    And the False Promises, which were made by politicians to buy votes, include Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, government pensions and every other government benefit and safety net, plus their equivalents throughout the western world.

    Every western government is bankrupt. This is not some mystery. Just look at their Balance Sheets.

    They are bankrupt because they bought votes by making false promises to the citizens that were preposterous the days they made them.

    Not one western government could prove from the beginning adequate, legitimate funding of the welfare promises they made to the citizens, and every single welfare program that was falsely promised was bankrupt from Day One.

    Now they have a problem.

    Because the people to whom they made false promises are showing up in dramatically increasing numbers to collect upon them.

    And the trends are clear that this is just the beginning of a human tidal wave of people coming to get what was promised to them, and what they often paid years’ worth of salary deductions to earn.

    The looters know that, And they know that, Yes, Hell doth have a fury worse than a woman scorned, and it is taxpayers who were lied to, cheated and denied the benefits they were promised, that in most cases they paid for, up front.

    So what to do? One easy answer is simply to kill them before they wise up and get uppity and disturbed. Infect them with contrived viruses, vaccinate them with known, deadly chemicals, suffuse them with killers like Remdesivir, intubate them, destroy their hope and humanity by flooding their minds with pro-abortion brainwashing which murders them via depression, and all the rest.

    And if they can’t kill sufficient numbers by these means, then just annihilate them via nuclear war, while those who push the Red Button are safely ensconced in the deep underground bunkers paid for by the taxpayers who will be murdered on the earth’s surface.

    Does anyone really think that people like Pelosi, Schumer, Romney, Schiff, Clapper, Brennan, Hunter, Kerry, Nuland, Kagan or any of the other mass murderers will be earthside when they push the button? Of course they won’t be. They will be deep underground, in bunkers reported to be stocked with the finest of wines, champagnes, cuisines, DVDs, and other luxuries. All paid for by the human fodder taxpayers who will be nuked on the earth’s surface, thanks to their heroic, patriotic “leaders” who are so very, very concerned about “preserving democracy” in Nazi Ukraine.

    The clearest sign of a collapsing, disintegrating society is an explosion of official hypocrisy. Because in a collapsing society, the official narrative must, by definition, be a lie. Hypocrisy is nothing but a fancy lie, dressed up in the fake finery of false righteousness.

    America today is drowning in hypocrisy. Every official you hear is spewing it out of a firehose.

    So we come back to “Why?”

    Those who have witnessed addiction to chemicals such as Crack, Meth and Heroin are typically astonished by the power of these addictions over their sufferers.

    But Crack, Meth and Heroin are absolutely nothing compared to the addictions to power and money.

    The people who are destroying humanity and our world are addicted to power and money.

    And as anyone who has dealt with addicts knows, nothing whatsoever will heal them other than their sheer determination to heal themselves.

    Which usually results from their decline into personal hell.

    There is not one World Economic Forum or other technocratic money and power addict on earth who is experiencing anything close to personal hell. In fact, it is the exact opposite. These people are having the times of their lives.

    They are getting fabulously rich by destroying humanity.

    Obviously, given such a positive climate, they are not going to stop.

    This is why things keep getting worse and worse.

    I wish I could offer readers a simple solution to this, but there isn’t one, as people who are familiar with addicts know.

    Unless they stop themselves, they do not stop. They will destroy everything they touch as they go through the convulsions of their addiction.

    This is now in God’s hands, and all we can do is to be as aware as possible, and to pray.

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