Putin warns Finland has ‘made a mistake’ after country’s president tells him they WILL join NATO – despite Russian threat it could wipe them and Britain out in SECONDS with nukes – as Lavrov says ‘total hybrid war’ has been declared

  • Putin: ‘Abandoning […] neutrality would be a mistake since there are no threats to Finland’s security’
  • Russia’s attack dog foreign minister Sergei Lavrov slammed ‘cancel culture’ and ‘caveman’s Russophobia’
  • ‘The collective West has announced a total hybrid war on us. The consequences will be felt by everybody’
  • ‘[Sec Gen] Stoltenberg, through the mouth of Liz Truss, say NATO has responsibility for global security’ 
  • Finnish President Niinistö told Putin about NATO plans in ‘direct and straightforward’ phone call this morning 
  • Pro-Putin MP fumed: ‘If Finland wants to join this bloc, then our goal is absolutely legitimate – to question the existence of this state. This is logical.’
  • He added that the US would be reduced to ‘nuclear ashes’ if it ‘threatens’ the Russian state 

Putin warns Finland ‘made a mistake’ and Lavrov says ‘total hybrid war’ has been declared on Russia | Daily Mail Online

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