Pulitzer Prize-Winning Health Journalist Revealed the Real Purpose of Masks in 2018: Fear

“And there’s only a couple of countries that have ever really done large scale studies to try and figure out what might work,” she said. “Japan, it may not surprise you, as one of them. And they, in one of their large studies, they basically showed that the masks, it seemed like the major efficacy of a mask is that it causes alarm in the other person. And so you stay away from each other.”

https://www.bing.com/search?q=thomas+jonez&cvid=272bea97d3c447a088dc14670357f88d&aqs=edge.1.69i59i450l8…8.241511984j0j4&FORM=ANAB01&PC=U531 (with two minute clip)

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