The States and Metro Areas Where Stocks of Baby Formula Have Fallen to as Low as 50% Amid National Shortage

  • In the week ending April 24, 40 to 50 percent of the top-selling baby formula products were out of stock at stores across the country
  • For the week of April 3, at least 12 states faced out of stock rates higher than 40 percent, including Connecticut, Delaware, Montana, New Jersey, Rhode Island
  • During the same time period Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota suffered 50 to 51 percent out of stock rate and Missouri a 52 percent shortage
  • Meanwhile 12 major metro areas faces out of stock rates higher than 40 percent, including Baltimore, Charlotte, Des Moines, Greenville, Hartford-New Haven 
  • The shortage comes amid COVID-related supply-chain issues and a national recall after a bacteria was found at a Michigan plant

Stores across at least 12 states and 12 metro areas are 40% or higher out of stock of baby formula | Daily Mail Online

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