Death Caused by Vaccine Is Deemed Suicide – No Life Insurance Payout

Dr. Peterson Pierre (2 minutes)

Update: Please see first comment on this post. Dr. Pierre cites two cases where this appears to be happening–one in France and one in the U.S. It is wise to check with your own insurance company. Also, insurance companies often times have a payout for suicide, but not in the first two years of a policy.

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One thought on “Death Caused by Vaccine Is Deemed Suicide – No Life Insurance Payout


    “Policyholders should rest assured that nothing has changed in the claims-paying process as a result of COVID-19 vaccinations. Life insurance policies are very clear on how they work, and what cause, if any, might lead to the denial of a claim. A policyholder’s decision to receive or not receive a vaccine for COVID-19 is not one of them. Nothing has changed in life insurers’ claims paying process.

    “Policyholders should reach out to their life insurance companies, agents or financial professionals for their COVID-related questions. They will be happy to help.”

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