Sucharit Bhakdi, Thai-German MD and Renowned Medical Scientist, Summarizes the Mechanisms of Vaccine Injury

Sucharit Bhakdi, Thai-German MD and renowned medical scientist, summarizes the mechanisms of vaccine injury. Damage to blood vessels will render them leaky; the vaccine will then seep out and damage the tissues of the heart, the lungs, the brain, etc. Moreover, vascular damage will also result in blood clots. The mRNA and the spike protein persist for long periods of time, causing protracted and destructive immune attack.

Dr. Bhakdi was the first to clearly predict this pattern of vaccine damage, which has since been fully substantiated by Dr. Arne Burkhardt’s findings, which were also presented at this symposium.

Watch the Three Major Consequences to be Expected with Dr. Bhakdi:

Watch Dr. Arne Burkhardt’s presentation:

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