IMPORTANT VIDEO: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s Opening Statements – Grand Jury, the Court of Public Opinion

IMPORTANT VIDEO: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s Opening Statements – Grand Jury, the Court of Public Opinion from Sarah Westall – Business Game Changers – Listen on JioSaavn (audio)


“Dr. Reiner Fuellmich gives an opening statement summarizing the findings of the court. This is an important video that needs to be shared far and wide. A full professional transcription is posted below.   It is worth noting that the United Nations International Court, and any other “recognized” court, is controlled by these same tyrants Dr. Fuellmich is referring to in this video. This is why only the courts controlled by the “WE THE PEOPLE” will be able to take back control of this situation. We have international rights to form our own common law courts and to hold tyrants accountable. The International Common Law Court of Justice is one that has made significant progress and it is not controlled by the globalist tyrants. Please see the latest post on the $10,000 rewards by the ICLCJ court. It is important to know that this court has provided tools for citizens of the world to use immediately.” 

“Introduction: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, attorney-at-law in Germany, for an overview. Thank you. Good afternoon. My name is Reiner Fuellmich, and it is my pleasure to serve as one member of a group of distinguished international attorneys and lawyers who have been collaborating on this very important case for many months now. Healthy Foundation Pack: For the First Time in Your Life Experience complete Nourishment for Your Body This case, involving the most heinous crimes against humanity committed under the guise of a Corona pandemic on a global scale, looks complicated only at first glance. But when you put together all those pieces, all those little pieces of the puzzle as we will do this for you, with the help of many renowned experts and other witnesses during this proceeding, you will see four sets of facts. One. There is no Corona pandemic, but only a PCR test plandemic fueled by an elaborate psychological operation designed to create a constant state of panic among the world’s population. This agenda has been long planned. It’s ultimately unsuccessful precursor was the swine flu, some 12 years ago. And it was cooked up by a group of super rich, psychopathic and sociopathic people who hate and fear people at the same time, have no empathy, and are driven by the desire to gain full control over all of us, the people of the world. They are using our governments and the mainstream media, both of which they literally own, to convey their panic propaganda 24/7. Two. The virus itself can be treated safely and effectively with vitamin C, D, zinc, et cetera, and also with off-label use of ivermectin hydroxychloroquine, et cetera. But all these, not alternative methods of treatment but real methods of treatment, were banned by those who are using the guise of this plandemic to push their ultimate goal, which is to get everyone to receive the, as we will show in this proceeding, not only ineffective but highly dangerous, yes, lethal, experimental injections. Dr. Zelenko’s vitamin pack that serves as an over the counter alternative to Hydroxychloroquine and a targeted vitamin mix to boost your immunity. Keep from getting Sick! Three. The same people who made the swine flu, which ultimately turned out to be a mild flu, into a pandemic 12 years ago, by first changing the definition of what a pandemic is, and then creating panic, created this Corona pandemic. The swine flu was their first real attempt at creating a pandemic. And just as one of its purposes then, was to divert our attention from the blatantly fraudulent activities of their financial industry, more aptly to be called a financial mafia, which had become visible through the Lehman crisis, this is also one of their major purposes of this Corona plandemic, now. Another Speaker: An enactment of a criminal grand jury against some …”

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