Man Dies After Developing Autoimmune Disease from Vaccine

Man dies after developing autoimmune disease from vaccine – St. Charles Herald Guide

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One thought on “Man Dies After Developing Autoimmune Disease from Vaccine

  1. The big question here is: why does the family of an employee of a major, profit gushing corporation like Shell Oil have to set up a GoFundMe account to pay for the deceased employee’s medical bills? Particularly when the employee was probably pressured by his employer to get the poison injections in the first place. Apparently, the employee’s health insurance will not cover his vaccine injury- and death-related medical expenses. Why not? Because, the insurer likely argues, the employee took an experimental, non-approved injection (Comirnaty is approved, not Pfizer BioNTech), giving the insurer the grounds to refuse coverage and reimbursement. (This tracks with various court decisions that have upheld life insurance companies’ refusals to pay in vaccine death cases; the judges have ruled that because the decedents had allowed non-approved, experimental drugs to be injected into their bodies, and then died, they had actually committed suicide, an excluded event.) This adds yet another horrific dimension to the deliberate mass murder campaign now underway: not only are people being killed by the hundreds of thousands worldwide, their survivors are being financially destroyed in the process. The financial destruction is actually worse for those who have suffered severe adverse events, but have not died: their medical expenses are crippling, and do not stop. We have now entered an entirely new realm of Braindeath: can those who still support this global vaccine mass murder really be regarded as having functioning brains? Before this, did anyone think that people with dead brains and consciences could actually exist alongside thinking human beings, as if they were equivalent and alive?

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