Australian Authorities Say Draconian Vaccine Passports Could Last For “Years”

Authorities in Western Australia say their draconian new vaccine passport scheme, which bars the unvaccinated from most public places, is likely to be in place for “years.”

Australian Authorities Say Draconian Vaccine Passports Could Last For “Years” – Summit News

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One thought on “Australian Authorities Say Draconian Vaccine Passports Could Last For “Years”

  1. I left Australia in 2010, in disagreement with taxing overseas workers, I smelt a rat, Federal employees were exempt but the tax slave citizen was not unless he worked for the UN or other wonderful organizations that eschew communal bliss. I knew then there was a disconnect from the population, and citizens were viewed as slaves even if they were working offshore without receiving benefits/services of this wonderful thing we call government. I was working in a shit hole called Mauritania at the time. No government services there to be had.

    There is a mass hypnosis cult, called Government in Australia, and even Novax DJokavic has the mass media going crazy in support of his visa rejection over the fact well known in his visa application that he didn’t need a Vax as he had anti bodies, therefore not needing a vax. This fact somehow highlighted the insanity of covid and vaxxing when the facts show it didn’t stop the positive test results of the vaxxed.

    Where I worked in Africa we handled over 2,000 cases with Ivermectin, Azithromycin, and Zinc. The only person refusing this effective treatment was a UK citizen who remained ill for two weeks, whilst the Africans got well within a few days, and why was that refusal by the UK citizen, was because he watched BBC news religiously.

    Fear is a wonderful tool, but thankfully Oxford Analytics must of informed old bad boy Boris, more of the same ineffective mask/.Vax mandates would lead to a UK revolution.

    Hopefully the Australian High Commissioner in London Senator Brandis will have word of warning to his panty waisted dilettante buddies, high on their leap frogging in their swish offices smacking each others butts as they leap frog after hours in the Australian Capital and get the latest Oxford Analytics report! They will soon change their tune.

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