COVID-19 Protocolists are Killing People. By-Demand NOW. You Must Act Now

Doctors “Treating COVID-19” Are Not Practicing Medicine. They are Executing Highly Restricted Protocols. Humanity Deserves Better from “Medicine”. We Won’t Get it Unless YOU ACT Now. (from James Lyons-Weiler)

COVID-19 Protocolists are Killing People. By-Demand NOW. You Must Act Now. (

Once your loved one is admitted for COVID-19 to a hospital full of protocolists, monoclonal antibodies are no longer an option. No reason is given, it’s just protocol. Once your loved one is admitted to a hospital full of protocolists for COVID-19, you cannot get the doctors to vary from the protocol with options other than those they are told they can use. Those options?

-O2 support



-Vitamin D&C

-Nasal cannula feeding tube

-Intubation (ventilator)

-Palliative care

-Comfort care

-Cremation, or relocation for embalming.

If your loved one does not want Acetaminophen (e.g., Tylenol_, or Ibuprofen (e.g., Motrin), but instead wants aspirin, it’s a no-go. Aspirin, by the way, helps break up microclots in the lungs. You’ll only get push-back on the risk of bleeding with long-term use.

COVID-19 is an acute condition. But hey, they have their protocols.

Forget about Ivermectin.

Forget about Hydroxychloroquine; the faked studies and Fauci tanked that option with bullshit logic.

Forget about N-Acetyl-Cysteine, which helps the body increase O2 saturation levels.

Forget about The COVID-19 Frontline Doctors protocols, I-MASK+MATH+, and forget about Dr. Peter McCullough’s amazing dynamic and multi-faceted approach to treating COVID-19.

Forget about all of these unless you are in a conservative county and can get a conservative judge to back patient choice. If you have time. And you won’t. Your loved one will be on oxygen support, like a bipap, maybe for a day.

And then some doctor will start talking about how important it is they get some nutrition. You’ll be told that your loved one cannot stay off the oxygen support long enough to get nutrition, and then you’ll be told they are not tolerating the feeding tube.

Then they will tell you they want to intubate your loved one because feeding them is easier that way.

You’ll learn that no one comes off the ventilators.

Protocolism is killing people.

Protocolists are killing people.

They are ignoring science.

They are ignoring real-world data.

Regulator capturer is killing people.

Beware the protocolists in hospitals who are just following orders.

We know their types.

Beware the protocolists in hospitals.


Please do me person favor. For me. And for yourself.

Call your Senator. And your Congressional Representative.

Ask them to support By-Demand outpatient and inpatient care with COVID-19

By-Demand is, literally, whatever the family asks for – as long as there is a chance it might work.

This is he original criterion for Emergency Use Authorization, which is being ignored by FDA for early, effective therapies.

We must overrule the FDA, the NIH and the CDC. They are captured.

They have perverted Right-to-Try legislation for COVID-19, claiming patients only can select among options offered by their physicians.

That’s a lie.

So now we need By-Demand legislation that makes it a felony for physicians to deny care options that might work.

We need to force them to practice medicine, or risk jail time.

We know what works, and when it works. We know what does not work, and why.

Early, aggressive therapies work.

Time spent trying to educate doctors and nurses via telephone consults is wasted time.

They won’t hear you.

They won’t budge.

The protocolists had to learn via activism that high-dose IV-Vitamin C prevents sepsis.

We must force them to accept the facts about early aggressive treatment.

It’s all here. All 1207 studies.

Here’s a one-page summary of the science on Ivermectin.

Here are the protocols translated into many languages.

Find your Congressman and Tell Them We Need By-Demand Outpatient and Inpatient Care for COVID-19

Find your Senator and Tell Them We Need By-Demand Outpatient and Inpatient Care for COVID-19

Send them links to the protocols and – send them everything – and let them know the public knows the truth about the science supporting early, aggressive ambulatory care.

I’m asking you to do this because I can’t stand to hear my friend and colleague Dr. Pierre Kory crying on the phone that he can’t help people in hospitals.

And I can’t stand to see people dying without easy access to readily available treatments that could increase their chances.

Like Dr. Scott Jensen’s brother.

Everyone, please. Please act on this. Free the protocolists from the shackles of their masters.

Push for By-Demand. The life you save might be your own.

Drop me a comment and let me know that you’ve sent them a message.Scott Jensen @drscottjensenDeath touches my December, once again. Dec

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