Doctor4CovidEthics & UK Column – Interdisciplinary Symposium II, Sounding the Call

Livestream: December 10, 2021, 18,00 – 21.00 (GMT)

Dr. Sukarit Bhakdi, Catherine Austin Fitts, Dr. Michael Yeadon, Mary Holland, Prof. Michael Palmer MD, Renate Holzeisen, Prof. Arne Burkhardt MD, Meryl Nass MD

Covid-19 Symposium Program – D4CE and UK Column, December 10, 2021 – Doctors for COVID Ethics (

SymposiumII_D4CE-UKColumn_Program-V7.final_.pdf (

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2 thoughts on “Doctor4CovidEthics & UK Column – Interdisciplinary Symposium II, Sounding the Call

  1. Very important information. It just ended and I was able listen to about 30%. Now is the time to learn and continue to advocate for our health freedom. If lost, we may never get it back!

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