Technocracy Is ‘Hemming Us All In With No Consent, No Debate, No Right To Opt Out’

“Ever get that trapped feeling? You are not paranoid. You really are getting trapped. Technocracy will surround, sweet-talk, surveil and ultimately assimilate everything in its path. It is mechanistic, unrelenting, merciless, anti-human and completely devoid of ethics and morality. Like the Borg race in Star Trek lingo, “Resistance is futile.” Alas, no it’s not!” ⁃ Technocracy News Editor

“My own sense of foreboding is deepening daily. Beneath the surface, down in those depths, I am far from the only one who can see what is emerging. The Narrative does not hang together, the story does not gel, but it is doing its job nonetheless. It is being used to summon forth and justify an unprecedented authoritarian technocracy which is hemming us all in with no consent, no debate, and no right to opt out…We all have a breaking point, and we all should, because this is the means by which our human intuition screams to us that something is wrong. This is mine. I will not go along with what is happening. I will not validate what is emerging. I will resist it. I will take my stand.”

Technocracy Is ‘Hemming Us All In With No Consent, No Debate, No Right To Opt Out’

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