Governor de Santis Says That if People Are Forced by Their Employer to Be Vaccinated, and Then Become Ill, the Employer Will Be Liable for Damages!!! (Meryl Nass, MD)

And people are not being given the right to refuse. Furthermore, as the Governor points out, employees are not being issued religious and medical waivers, as required by federal law. I think these failings will void the PREP ACT protections.  Employers will become liabile for damages, especially since the federal government did not put into place laws/regulations/orders to back them up. As soon as employers realize they are the ones left holding the bag, mandates are over.

Anthrax Vaccine — posts by Meryl Nass, M.D.: Governor de Santis says that if people are forced by their employer to be vaccinated, and then become ill, the employer will be liable for damages!!!

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