Swedish Mother Cries, Telling Story of 22 Year Old Son in ICU with Blood Clots after Pfizer Shots: High Risk of Heart Attack

“Her 22 year old son got both Pfizer shots, his arm swelled up terribly and got red. He went to the ER, where he was treated with suspicion and hostility. The staff said, absurdly, maybe his arm was swollen due to exercising too much. They did however, upon examination, soon find the first blood clot, in his arm. He waited all through the night; They began to find blood clots in various parts of his body. They tried to send him home with morphine, and instructions to self-inject blood thinner, but his mother demanded they keep him overnight. She told the head nurse to stop rattling off what their rules and orders were and instead act from her heart. So the hospital kept the young man overnight, and did more x-rays and tests. They found more clots. One was in his neck, which they said they had to operate to remove, still more in his lungs, putting him at extreme risk of a heart attack. They told him to lay motionless on a stretcher—told him moving at all was dangerous.”

Swedish Mother Cries, Telling Story Of 22 year Old Son In ICU With Blood Clots After Pfizer Shots: High Risk Of Heart Attack – by Celia Farber – The Truth Barrier (substack.com)

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