Dr. Thomas Binder Interviewed by Willem Engel

The Swiss cardiologist was taken to and held against his will at a mental facility for a week (while undergoing testing) because he was publicly sharing his concerns about the COVID “pandemic”. This is a story everyone should be know about. Great interview with an honorable MD.

Thomas Binder interviewed by Willem Engel (bitchute.com)

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2 thoughts on “Dr. Thomas Binder Interviewed by Willem Engel

  1. In listening to this interview, Dr. Thomas Binder, was arrested the day before Easter 2020 due to his blogs and posts related to COVID-19 not being a pandemic at all but being closely related to a very bad flu and recommending prophylactic treatments were available and warranted. (It was not related vaccines, at least not why he was originally arrested)

    1. You are right, Carol. I have corrected the description. Thanks. I had the honor of interacting with Dr. Binder in a zoom meeting where a group of doctors were expressing concerns about the gene therapeutic vaccines…I think I mixed the discussion and the interview here.

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