Update from the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund (Must Read)

This is a 29 page document packed full of useful information and truthiness. Very troubling but powerful. Perhaps the most important finding is this:

“The “real world” fatality data from VAERS does not match the fatality data from the Phase 3 trials. They aren’t even close. Using multiple independent methods from independent researchers, we show that it is extremely likely that over 150,000 Americans have already been killed (see Attachment 2). Even with a $1M reward to academics to spot an error in the analysis, there were no takers. It is urgent to resolve this discrepancy as soon as possible as we strongly believe that the real world data is right and the vaccines should be immediately stopped because they kill more people than they save. Even Pfizer’s own 6 month study failed to show any evidence of a net mortality benefit either before or after unblinding. And all three vaccines showed they significantly increase morbidity.”

ACIP comment 8-30-21 – Google Docs

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