Pharmacies Told Not to Distribute Dr. Prescribed Ivermectin if It Is to Be Used for COVID, Meanwhile FDA Says Don’t Use Ivermectin for Animals

An abundance of peer reviewed science shows ivermectin works against COVID. I know one Dr. who used the animal-based ivermectin for COVID on himself–it worked. He wanted to test it on himself before instructing his patients to use it as well. I know of one person who took the animal-based ivermectin for COVID because his doctor would do nothing to help him. It helped him recover fully. I have several doses of ivermectin I bought from Tractor Supply just in case it is needed. Many people are going to die unnecessarily because of the suppression of ivermectin. Caveat: I am not a medical Dr. …a prescription for ivermectin from a Dr. is preferred if you can get it via that route.

Pharmacies Told Not To Distribute Medications That Combat Covid (

FDA Issues ‘You Are Not a Cow’ Warning After Livestock Drug Use – Bloomberg

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