Why So Many Americans Are Refusing to Get Vaccinated

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Summary of authors from Mark Crispin Miller–

Peter McCullough, Professor of Medicine, is the author of over 1,000 peer reviewed publications, He serves as editor of two journals and sits on the editorial boards of multiple specialty journals.
Dr. Robert Malone, widely recognized by experts as the inventor of the mRNA vaccine.
Dr. Byram Bridle, a highly respected viral immunologist at University of Guelph, did the FOIA request that exposed the biodistribution data showing the vaccines do not stay at the injection site like people thought, but instead cause the production of a toxin in all parts of the body including the brain.
Dr. Ira Bernstein, a physician in Canada who has observed two deaths in 700 vaccinated patients and staff that can be easily shown to be attributable to the vaccine. That is a 1 in 350 death rate. One of those deaths was a previously healthy 24 year old who died in his sleep. Bernstein repeated Hoffe’s D-dimer test and had similar results, even months after vaccination which is extremely frightening.
Dr. Jessica Rose is an expert on the VAERS system.
Mathew Crawford, is a mathematician and statistician who writes frequently about the pandemic including two articles on a serious CDC math error that no other person had noticed (Part I and Part II)
Dr. Charles Hoffe, is a physician in Canada: he had 1 vaccine death in 900 patients and then did the study on d-dimer and discovered that the vaccine elevated d-dimer in most patients which is impossible to explain if the vaccines are safe.
Marc Giradot, is a member of PANDA. https://www.pandata.org/team/. PANDA is a politically and economically independent organization, focused on science-based explanations and tests them against international data. Marc has published extensively on the pandemic.
Dr. George Fareed, a physician in southern California who developed an extremely effective protocol for treating COVID-19 infections with a 99.76% risk reduction which is far more effective and safer than any vaccine
Tyson Gabriel is our mask expert. He produced this 1 hour instructional video. Nobody wants to challenge him to a debate on mask wearing.

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