Depopulation by Any Means – Dr. Ardis – Dr. Reiner Fûllmich

This 59 minute video is a must watch for understanding why the United States experienced a higher “covid” fatality rate than other countries. This information will (or should) shock you to your core (as if we have not already been shocked by what has transpired).

Depopulation by any means – Dr. Ardis – Dr. Reiner Fûllmich (

(Follow-up at 3 pm on 8/1/2021) This interview with Dr. Zelenko offers some but not full corroboration of Dr. Aris’ assessement of Remdesivir. The full interview is worth the time, but the discussion of Remdesivir is at the the 30-33 minutes: Dr Zev Has Been Banned and Threatened, You Need to Hear This! ( A next step is to find the FDA studies of Remdesivir referred to by Dr. Ardis.

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