“Following the Science?” Hardly. It’s Something Else Entirely. (Must See and Share)

This is an excellent one hour documentary by Mark Mallet on the COVID “pandemic” for all to watch and share. See below for a summary by Mark Crispin Miller.

NFU – NEWS FROM UNDERGROUND (markcrispinmiller.com)

Please take an hour to watch this brilliant documentary, by my friend Mark Mallett, on what we’re really living through (if we’re lucky): an unprecedented global killing spree, disguised as a vast effort to save lives, and based on the absolute perversion of real science into a totalitarian religion of pure evil.

If that epithet annoys you, please watch this film, in which you’ll see the best and bravest champions of real science voice the same conclusion—that the whole COVID crisis, and the “vaccination” drive enabled by it, can only be explained as a worldwide attack on all humanity, by an evil few who would be God, and worship their own power. So dark are their designs, so catastrophic their success (so far), and so apocalyptic is this moment, that those intrepid scientists and doctors feel compelled to speak in frankly moral terms, with some seeing this unprecedented crisis as a spiritual war, in which they find they’re on the other side: the long-embattled side of God and science, against the would-be gods of the elite, and the death cult based on their eugenicist religion. One needn’t be a Christian, or any kind of theist, to see which side is right.

Be sure to watch this film right to the very end, where you will see a bit of video you’ve no doubt seen before; but as the final moment in this documentary, it hits especially hard.


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