Covid-19 As Luciferian “Virology;” A Christian Objection (Celia Farber)

Food for thought…

“I don’t know about you but I am spiritually ill from dealing* with (*thinking about, writing about, reporting, discussing, opposing) “Covid-19—” a name so repulsive I hesitate to ever type it again. It is such a desecration to the human mind and soul I have considered simply refusing to address it forever after. I almost feel I am saying a minor ‘hail satan’ every time I say its manufactured name, (code) which doubles as a Domination spell. Still, here I am addressing it. I suppose we must, for now. Before this Beast of Beasts lunged at us, it actually took our measurements, probably over decades. Looking back, one can discern the way it scoped us, watched us, programmed us, made us “believe in” absurdities like air-borne contagion between healthy people of a respiratory virus from bats in China, with no evidence of any kind (to this day.) That’s the evil genius of the deception: The fact that it needed no proof.” 

Covid-19 As Luciferian “Virology;” A Christian Objection – The Truth Barrier (

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