NFL Player Cole Beasley Vows Not to Take Covid-19 Jab or Follow League’s Draconian Rules, Even if He Has to Retire

“Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley has declared that he won’t be inoculated against Covid-19 or abide by new NFL restrictions on unvaccinated players, and would sooner be forced into retirement than betray his beliefs… The message, which Beasley called a “public service announcement,” came after the National Football League sent out a memo earlier this week announcing that players who weren’t fully vaccinated would be required to be tested daily for Covid-19, wear masks, and refrain from leaving the team hotel or interacting with anyone outside the team when traveling. They would also be banned from eating with teammates, using social media, or engaging in sponsorship activities. First-time violators could be fined $50,000, with punishments escalating for repeat offenses… Beasley ripped into the NFL Players Association on Thursday for agreeing to the new [insane] Covid-19 rules.”

Some will ask “who cares about what a football player does?” I say Beasley is courageous and he makes this choice a huge financial cost. The only way this craziness stops is when enough people stand up against it.

NFL player Cole Beasley vows not to take Covid-19 jab or follow league’s draconian rules, even if he has to RETIRE — RT Sport News

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