Canadian Gov’t. Wants to Create Border ‘Biometrics’ Authority to Validate Travelers’ Vaccine Status

At the same time, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said travel restrictions will be eased for fully ‘vaccinated’ people.

Canadian gov’t. wants to create border ‘biometrics’ authority to validate travelers’ vaccine status | News | LifeSite (

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2 thoughts on “Canadian Gov’t. Wants to Create Border ‘Biometrics’ Authority to Validate Travelers’ Vaccine Status

  1. I AM ALL FOR vaccine passports. Those people who are not vaccinated unless they have medical reasons for not getting them are a potential virus transmitter if new variants. I do not want them I. Our country, I do not want to be on an airplane with them and I certainly do not want them I. My home.

    1. Every person must assess the trade-offs with any policy decide whether they support any action by governments. In this case I respectfully disagree for the following reasons. You may find support for these reasons posted on this website.
      1) A high proportion of people have lasting immunity from having had covid, and this immunity is broader and stronger than that offered by the “vaccine”. For some reason the US FDA won’t allow testing for having had covid as evidence.
      2) For people under about 50 or so the covid survival is 99.997%. Only the elderly and those with more serious health conditions are vulnerable. We should target protection for those who are vulnerable.
      3) There are safe, effective, and inexpensive alternative treatments available such as ivermectin.
      4) such a system will defacto create a two-tier society.
      5) Concrete evidence is now emerging that the experimental vaccines (a form of gene therapy, really) are causing harm.
      6) Asymptomatic spreading is virtually non-existent. Only people who are demonstrably sick spread the virus.

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