The globalist mouth piece Tony Blaire articulates the global plan to vaccinate everyone, even children who’s probability of surviving COVID is 99.997%. Why? This should be troubling to everyone.

Tony Blair, Everyone (Including Children) Should Be Vaccinated And Given A Digital ID (

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  1. Blair’s body language says it all: the man is a total, shameless fraud and the epitome of a globalist ventriloquist’s puppet. Particularly notable are the recurrent inward curlings of his upper lip. In addition to indicating inner rage and hostility (in his case, toward the non-elite hoi polloi that the globalist elite is now deliberately in the process of mass-murdering, for profit), such upper lip action is the spastic, involuntary facial movement a pathological liar and dissembler makes in an unconscious effort to prevent their phony countenance and mask of deception from falling off their face. It’s an evil mind’s equivalent to hands repositioning an N95 mask that has moved out of place. A second indication of the man’s total dishonesty and disingenuousness are his forced and utterly fake “smiles,” which are less than one degree separated from the mouth we see in a snarling or growling animal. There are other indications that the man is a twisted liar, such as the odd positioning of his feet, but most thoughtful people will realize he is a fraud simply by listening to his message. (For example, he positions himself as a expert on the efficacy of the fake vaccine, but when asked if he thinks it possible that the virus came from a lab, which is not the “official,” globalist, desired answer, he immediately and categorically states, on cue and as if coached, “I have literally no idea.” Funny how someone who is trying to force vaccinations upon all of humanity also says he doesn’t have a clue about where the thing he wants to vaccinate the world against even came from or what it is. What a lying, scheming, anti-humanitarian gasbag and clown. It is clear that this corrupt toy was wound-up with his talking points by Gates, Schwab and Xi. The thing that would blow to smithereens this Murder by Fake Vaccine War Against Humanity would be a credible informer stepping forward to say, with some kind of proof, that none of these globalist murderers is actually taking the fake vaccines. That they are, in fact, faking taking the fake vaccines. That if they even get jabbed at all, the injections are harmless saline solutions. There are already well-documented cases, on video, of politicians publicly NOT getting injected while trying to make it look otherwise. But this happened early in the Murder by Fake Vaccine campaign, and people at the time did not see the monumental significance of those official stagings, theatrics and fakeries, because they did not yet realize the extreme, even existential danger posed by the vaccine poisons. Subsequent to those clumsy mistakes, the charlatan politicians have cleaned up their act, and we are not seeing such bumbling errors in the fake, public displays of taking vaccines. Every government official who is pushing mass vaccinations should be tested to see if they, themselves, have actually been vaccinated. The results would almost certainly blow our minds, because it would prove a level of Criminal Hypocrisy and Deception never before witnessed in civilization. In light of the Fauci revelations, plus other information that has trickled out about this entire scam, particularly the squelching of highly effective therapeutics, if a whistle-blower could show that a globalist shill and total liar, such as Blair, who is advocating “vaccinating the world,” has refused to get “vaccinated” himself, the people might finally wake up to the mass murder, bio-terror and human re-engineering campaign that has been launched against them.

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