Births in U.S. Drop to Levels Not Seen Since 1979

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Mark Skidmore is Professor of Economics at Michigan State University where he holds the Morris Chair in State and Local Government Finance and Policy. His research focuses on topics in public finance, regional economics, and the economics of natural disasters. Mark created the Lighthouse Economics website and blog to share economic research and information relevant for navigating tumultuous times.

One thought on “Births in U.S. Drop to Levels Not Seen Since 1979

  1. This is one of the poorest, most infuriating news articles I have recently read. The author makes claims in text that are not congruent with the graphic in the article. And I can’t see anything true when I look at the most recent NVSR, 23 MAR 2021. It’s mostly a cov19 scare piece disguised as a story about GFR. And the doctor who claims signficance about 7.7% monthly decline from NOV to DEC 2020? Could not be a bona fide epidemiologist.

    Sadly, there are serious concerns about what worldwide fertility rates may be telling us and they have nothing to do with cov19.

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