US Government Reveals the New “Immune Chip”

Developed by DARPA, the Department of Health and Human Services is now working on a “chip” to be inserted into the body that can monitor one’s bodily functions and notify something or somebody when you have a pathogen or other emerging health issues. If you are not alarmed by this update, I really don’t know what will set the red alert off for you.

“Accurately modeling human tissues and disease in vitro is a key step to accelerating the pace of drug discovery and development, a capability critical to effectively responding to pandemics, in which every day counts. Rapid advances in tissue chip technologies now make the prospect of commercialization more realistic. However, key challenges remain, including manufacturability, use of medically relevant sensors, and the integration of multiple tissue types anchored by the immune system. We aim to support the development of advanced microphysiological systems (MPS) that monitor and replicate components of vital human tissues, including immune system functions and their interactions.” HHS

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