United Health Professionals: International Alert about COVID

Many people are unaware that thousands of health professionals worldwide think that the COVID emergency and associated policies is a scam. Here is what some who belong to United Health Professionals have to say:

United Health Professionals, composed of more than 1,500 members (including professors of medicine, intensive care physicians and infectious disease specialists) from different countries of Europe, Africa, America, Asia and Oceania and, on August 26, 2020, we addressed to governments and citizens of countries around the world an alert message regarding the COVID outbreak.

This epidemic is amplified, dramatized and instrumentalised by criminals who take advantage of it to achieve economic, political and ideological goals and agendas that are harmful to humanity and we will prove this to you. You must stop this global scam quickly (because it is a serious danger to your people and your country in terms of : health, economy, education, ecology and human rights) by immediately taking the following actions: 1) lift all restrictions; 2) open economy schools, universities, air transport and hospital units; 3) Exclude your experts and advisers who have links or conflicts of interest with pharmaceutical companies; 4) Require an international and independent investigation and that those responsible for this scam be tried; 5) No longer blindly follow the recommendations of the WHO and require that it be totally reformed; 6) Use the recognized measures for the management of epidemics; 7) Make the media aware of their responsibilities; 8) Remove the requirement for tests; 8) Stop the vaccination campaigns and refuse the scam of the pseudo-health passport which is in reality a politico-commercial project.

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Mark Skidmore is Professor of Economics at Michigan State University where he holds the Morris Chair in State and Local Government Finance and Policy. His research focuses on topics in public finance, regional economics, and the economics of natural disasters. Mark created the Lighthouse Economics website and blog to share economic research and information relevant for navigating tumultuous times.

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